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What is busbar distribution system ?

The busbar distribution system is mainly used in low voltage power distribution cabinet, outlet circuit uses non hole technology of electrical installation, the switch through the bus adapter to connect with the bus, bus conductors and distribution is the supporting body of electrical components and closed in the back.            


1, enclosed bus connection technology
Circuit breaker, contactor by bus adapter can be hung on the bus, fuses, switches and other products directly hung on the bus, so the bus plays a double role in conducting and fixed security, greatly saves the space in the cabinet and other components; a bus system, the bus system is fully closed, safe and beautiful;
2, non perforated connection
The perfect solution for the user power line, cable cabinet general line and into the bus system, or cables and switches, circuit breakers and other components of the connection, all do not line the nose, just peel off the skin directly crimp connection.
3, large current, multi circuit, high power distribution
For distribution, control circuit, more current is relatively large, at the same time requires the application of system stability and safe operation of the occasion, Weiner products with bus system technology to solve the most vividly.


1, the electrical performance is improved, the installation process is improved, and the protection level is improved;
2, save space, save time, save money;
3, wiring flexibility, high capacity;
4, high quality, maintenance free.