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Basic knowledge of electric power

Low switchgear
1, what is the rated voltage?
Equipment, and with the power system and some of the operating characteristics of the phase-to-phase voltage RMS.
2, what is the nominal rated voltage?
Under the specified conditions, to ensure that the electrical work of the voltage value.
3, what is the rated insulation voltage?
Under the specified conditions, used to measure electrical and parts of different parts of the insulation strength, electrical clearance and creepage distance of the nominal voltage, unless otherwise specified, this value is the maximum rated operating voltage of the electrical.
4, What is the rated current?
Switching equipment in the specified conditions, can be long-term work through the current value.
5, what is the rated operating current?
Under the specified conditions, to ensure that the electrical current value of normal work.
6, what is direct current?
Direct current refers to the current direction of a certain, and the size of the same current, such as dry batteries.
7, what is the AC?
Refers to the direction, the size of the current changes with time.
8, What is current?
Electrons in the body under the action of the electric field, there are rules to move in one direction to form a current. Current & quot; I & quot ;. The current intensity is numerically equal to the amount of electricity passing through the conductor cross-section in one second, usually expressed in amperes "A", and A, KA, mA and uA are representations of different units.