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Basic knowledge of electric power

Low switchgear
1, what is the rated voltage?
Equipment, and with the power system and some of the operating characteristics of the phase-to-phase voltage RMS.
2, what is the nominal rated voltage?
Under the specified conditions, to ensure that the electrical work of the voltage value.
3, what is the rated insulation voltage?
Under the specified conditions, used to measure electrical and parts of different parts of the insulation strength, electrical clearance and creepage distance of the nominal voltage, unless otherwise specified, this value is the maximum rated operating voltage of the electrical.
4, What is the rated current?
Switching equipment in the specified conditions, can be long-term work through the current value.
5, what is the rated operating current?
Under the specified conditions, to ensure that the electrical current value of normal work.
6, what is direct current?
Direct current refers to the current direction of a certain, and the size of the same current, such as dry batteries.
7, what is the AC?
Refers to the direction, the size of the current changes with time.
8, What is current?
Electrons in the body under the action of the electric field, there are rules to move in one direction to form a current. Current & quot; I & quot ;. The current intensity is numerically equal to the amount of electricity passing through the conductor cross-section in one second, usually expressed in amperes "A", and A, KA, mA and uA are representations of different units.


What are the busbar system shortcomings?

Using the bus system, you will encounter the Busbar system shortcomings:

(1)One of busbar system shortcomings is that due to the poor heat dissipation conditions, the consumption of non-ferrous metals increased.
busbar system

(2)And other of busbar system shortcomings is that you must carry out a full range of aluminum welding in the installation site , welding technology requirements!

(3)The last busbar system shortcoming is the electric force between the shell is larger,because that the bus shell with an axial current through its current value.

More about busbar system advantages
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Connection mode in busbar system

Busbar system wiring mainly in the following ways:

(1) single bus. Single bus, single bus section, single bus plus bypass and single bus section plus bypass.
(2) double busbar. Double bus, double bus bar, double bus plus bypass and double bus section plus bypass.
GRL busbar system

(3) three bus. Three bus, three bus, three bus section plus bypass.
(4) 3/2 wiring, 3/2 wiring bus segment.
(5) 4/3 connection.
(6) bus a transformer unit wiring.
(7) bridge wiring. Inner bridge connection, outer bridge connection, double bridge connection.
(8) angle wiring (or ring). Triangular connection and four angle connection, polygonal connection.

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180mm Power


Low voltage electrical industrial products network sales prospects

Introduction of Low voltage electrical industrial products

There is a big difference between the traditional low-voltage electrical industry product prices, the price of product information opaque, looking for products is extremely difficult, and the price range is large, it is difficult for users to make the right choice of how to choose low voltage electrical equipment. Customer service service is extremely lack of most of low-voltage electrical products due to excessive links lead to intermediate agent, once the equipment failure, the equipment warranty processing is very difficult, but for the user, once the equipment failure, will bring incalculable economic losses, even because has signed a good contract to promise and lead to enterprise survival is often difficult the phenomenon of. At the same time, there are a large number of fake products industry products, so that users are difficult to identify selection, the latter case problems, it is impossible to solve the problem.

low-voltage electrical industry product

This is the worst of times, but also the best of times, the emergence of the Internet, to the traditional electrical industry a new hope. In recent years, low-voltage electrical industry product internet business platform began to rise, to solve many problems of traditional sales and services, allowing users to guarantee the safety and normal production of enterprises have strong support and fast service.


what is the HRC fuse and HRC fuse base?

HRC fuse and HRC fuse base

HRC Fuse for protection of semiconductor devices.
In the same way, they are also required to give the minimum acceptable energy in the case of overload. The quality of the parts is very small, and there are some filling materials.

The filling has two purposes: one is in the long-term current stress from the fuse in the heat conduction out, to provide long-term good working reliability; second, in case of a failure when the fuse melting can quickly extinguish the arc. For transient conditions, the thermal conductivity of the filler is rather limited.
This allows the melt to be melted with the minimum input energy to achieve a fast melting temperature. Under the transient current load, the fuse will soon be blown off.


Application of fuse base in photovoltaic system

PV is the abbreviation of solar photovoltaic power generation system. It is a new type of power generation system which uses solar cell semiconductor materials to convert solar energy directly into electrical energy.
PV solar system

In the photovoltaic system application fuse base, the base can play a protective role, when the current is too large, the fuse will fuse, so as to protect the entire system.
Fuse Base


What is types of switchgear (low voltage)?

Low voltage switchgear is suitable for power plant, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high building and other industries, as the transmission, distribution and power conversion.


(1) fixed type: Can meet the various electrical components securely fixed in a cabinet position. The cabinet body is generally cube, such as screen type, box type, also have the edge platform such as desktop etc.. This cabinet has a single row, there are also arranged.
Fixed type switchgear

(2) draw out type: Out of style is composed of shifting device parts can be the main electrical components fixed body and a switch of the movable part to shift into light, after positioning to be reliable, and the same type and specifications of the drawer can swap out the cabinet body part processing method in basic and fixed in a similar cabinet. But because the exchange requirements, the precision must be improved, the relevant parts of the structure should be adjusted in sufficient quantities, as for removable device part, should be able to shift, and reliable installation of main components, precision mechanical strength and high so there must be high, the part also must have sufficient amount of adjustment.
Draw out type switchgear

Complete system for GRL electric


What is fuse switch disconnector ?

Isolating switch fuse group is a multipolar, manual switch, reinforced unsaturated polyester resin shell is made of glass fiber, high dielectric properties, protection capability and reliable operation safety. Operating mechanism is the spring energy storage, instantaneous release of the acceleration mechanism, instantaneous on and off the multi breakpoint contact structure. It has nothing to do with the speed of the operating handle, which greatly improves the electrical performance and mechanical properties.
fuse switch disconnector

The fuse isolating switch can ensure that the load is switched on and off circuit, and has the reliable overcurrent or short circuit. Clearly visible disconnected state. Has a strong resistance to damp heat. Beautiful, innovative, simple, small size function is the best choice for similar products.

What is busbar distribution system ?

The busbar distribution system is mainly used in low voltage power distribution cabinet, outlet circuit uses non hole technology of electrical installation, the switch through the bus adapter to connect with the bus, bus conductors and distribution is the supporting body of electrical components and closed in the back.            


1, enclosed bus connection technology
Circuit breaker, contactor by bus adapter can be hung on the bus, fuses, switches and other products directly hung on the bus, so the bus plays a double role in conducting and fixed security, greatly saves the space in the cabinet and other components; a bus system, the bus system is fully closed, safe and beautiful;
2, non perforated connection
The perfect solution for the user power line, cable cabinet general line and into the bus system, or cables and switches, circuit breakers and other components of the connection, all do not line the nose, just peel off the skin directly crimp connection.
3, large current, multi circuit, high power distribution
For distribution, control circuit, more current is relatively large, at the same time requires the application of system stability and safe operation of the occasion, Weiner products with bus system technology to solve the most vividly.


1, the electrical performance is improved, the installation process is improved, and the protection level is improved;
2, save space, save time, save money;
3, wiring flexibility, high capacity;
4, high quality, maintenance free.