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What is types of switchgear (low voltage)?

Low voltage switchgear is suitable for power plant, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high building and other industries, as the transmission, distribution and power conversion.


(1) fixed type: Can meet the various electrical components securely fixed in a cabinet position. The cabinet body is generally cube, such as screen type, box type, also have the edge platform such as desktop etc.. This cabinet has a single row, there are also arranged.
Fixed type switchgear

(2) draw out type: Out of style is composed of shifting device parts can be the main electrical components fixed body and a switch of the movable part to shift into light, after positioning to be reliable, and the same type and specifications of the drawer can swap out the cabinet body part processing method in basic and fixed in a similar cabinet. But because the exchange requirements, the precision must be improved, the relevant parts of the structure should be adjusted in sufficient quantities, as for removable device part, should be able to shift, and reliable installation of main components, precision mechanical strength and high so there must be high, the part also must have sufficient amount of adjustment.
Draw out type switchgear

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